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It’s February 2010-my head is hanging in shame as I haven’t updated my blog in ages!

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I am so thankful Campbell House B&B enjoyed a banner year even in these tough economic times.  My time is precious as I have so little “Patti” time.  There are always rooms to clean, food to prepare, administrative duties and constant renovation…  I haven’t had an assistant who can take reservations, use the reservation service, check in guests, serve breakfast, help prep food since September when Elise went back to school.   I can get housekeepers who can’t do anything else-so I have been looking for an all around person who is honest, diligent, good personality, has people and computer skills.  I don’t think I am asking for much…this person just doesn’t seem to exist in Ligonier. 

I am really thankful for my handyman Bill, who has completed all the renovations in the B&B and motel.  Doors have been added and or replaced, a galley kitchen redone in the motel, gas logs replaced with electric (the flame is astonishing real looking and warms up the suite).  I replaced the vintage sink in the Strawberry Pantry and added Kurig coffee/tea service.  We have cleaned, organized, and cleaned while making many trips with donations to the Salvation Army-What a never ending job.

I have my list for 2010 ready…Replace the B&B electric stove with a double oven gas stove with 5 burners, replace the front door with a stained glass oval in the door, replace windows, two kitchens, and air-conditioner in the motel.   Just maybe I can paint the outside of the motel.  The snow and ice melter is taking it’s toll on the sidewalk and parking pads.   I guess I am going to have to find someone to redo the sidewalks…maybe a trade…couple nights in the B&B.  Who knows a masonary guy may just show up.  

Campbell House hosted many elopements in 2009 and January 2010.  The January 1st wedding in the Gazebo made me think twice about winter weddings.  The snow was flying, the wind was blowing, old man winter or maybe the New Years Baby brought a blustery day…a day for staying inside in front of a warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate.  Did I think of suggesting the wedding be held in the Campbell Suite?  Nope never gave it a thought until my new camera and I were frozen in place.   I really could have used a umbrella with shoulder props to cover both camera and photographer.  The Mayor and I were frozen while the Bride and Groom had their love to keep them warm. 


 jan-1-elopement-table.jpgThe Mayor and I couldn’t wait to get back to the Campbell House Parlour for the signing of the marriage license and a photo opt.    It is a wonder the Bride and Groom didn’t get sick as they were not dressed for an outdoor wedding in 12 degrees.   I warmed up at the cake cutting and toasting to the newly weds.   

January was an extremely cold month with lots of snow…this January of 2010 was only the second time in 16 years that I had to have the driveways plowed.  The first time was February 1994…there was much more snow in 1994.  

The snowmen decorations are now making way for hearts and lovers as Valentines week-end is fast approaching.  It will be nice to see repeat and new Valentine guests.  The table settings are festive with hearts…red, wine,white and pink are the dominant colors awaiting guests.

Although the streets and sidewalks wear dirty coats of snow, Campbell House is adorned in the romance of the season…lifting spirits from the gray days of winter.   Happy Valentines Day to All.    




August 29th! Tuesday’s Child is Fair of Face & 65! Tea, Beautiful Bouquet & Surprise Gifts!

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This Saturday began with breakfast for guests, followed by my wedding planning duties with an Elopement in the gazebo on the Ligonier Diamond, getting caught in a rain storm.  After the champagne toast to the bride and groom was over, I took my soggy self off to Greensburg to the Victorian Lady for tea which was hosted by my dear friend BarbraAnn who also presented me with a key of friendship.  It was so nice to have Bill join us for “afternoon tea”, chit chat and to show off his new bare lip look.   I couldn’t figure out why Bill’s upper lip was so white, then after he asked if I noticed a difference…which I did but couldn’t put my finger on it…Bill had shaved off his mustache!   Ok, give me a break I am now 65 so I noticed something different but not what.  I enjoyed afternoon tea, but most of all spending time with my friends. 

  my-65th-birthday-8-29-09.jpg Lisa, Anthony, & Meagan-My friends from my favorite restaurant…The Ivy Cafe gave me the most beautiful fresh flower bouquet which lasted from the 29th of August until the 24th of September.  As if the floral bouquet, hugs and best wishes weren’t enough, I was invited to birthday brunch at The Ivy on Sunday.   I enjoyed a tasty brunch in a wonderful atmosphere…

carol-daves-surprise-bag.jpg Check out my 65th Gifts from the Gang at Carol & Dave’s Roadhouse.   I promised to visit the Roadhouse on my birthday…My plan was to arrive at 7-well I got delayed as I was watching the Kennedy funeral which was running very late into the evening.   In the final moments of the funeral my phone rang-I see it is Carol and Dave’s calling. I answer, “I am on my way”-so I hurried out to the Roadhouse.  Just as I parked my phone rang so I was chatting as I rushed in, then Carol says, “Did you see your name on the sign, I thought people would call to tell you”.   I ran back out to see the big lit sign stating-WISH PATTY CAMPBELL A HAPPY BDAY.  Ok right off I knew why I didn’t get calls as I am Patt i, not Patt y, so most people wouldn’t think it was me.  By the way I have legally changed my name to Patti with an i, no more Patricia.  Ok I hustle up to the bar and before I can order a drink I was presented a birthday bag…gifts for the elderly or in my case a young 65. Ok I am egotistical!  I really got a kick out of my gifts as well as many laughs from all the other people in the bar. 

The first item I pulled out of the bag was a house dress, just what I need to wear at breakfast after a rough night of drinking and eatting at the Roadhouse.  A studa-bubba dress!

Here is a list of other gifts:

  • A big flyswatter with a big purple flower attached.  I think the flower is so I can see the swatter.
  • Reading glasses.  Now I can throw away the one contact I wear. Just think of the money I can save.
  • Magnifying glass. This must be for those times when my arm is to short to read price tags.
  • Dried Prunes.  I don’t understand why I would need dried prunes…Help me!
  • Gas Relief.  I wonder is the gas relief to use after the prunes or after eatting at the Roadhouse!
  • Denture Adhesive.  Now what is this all about?  Me, thinks all of the teeth in my mouth are permanent!
  • Eye Mask. Now this is a puzzler!  Any ideas
  • Ultra Strength Muscle Rub. Now this I have put to good use for my tired old muscle’s.
  • Wintergreen Lozengers.  I have kissing fresh breath.
  • Animal Crackers-my own personal box not to be shared with B&B guests.
  • At the bottom of the goody bag…I found a bottle of Coasta Estates 2004 Pinot Noir…Cheers to Patti from the gang at Carol & Dave’s Roadhouse.

Dave felt a little left out of the birthday gifts so he graciously bestowed me with a Stick A Fly Glue Fly Trap…

Thanks to all the gang who signed my Birthday card, especially those who thought I was celebrating a 60th.  A Big thank you…

After all the laughter, good wishes, photo taking I enjoyed my birthday dinner along with a few adult beverages.

I am so disappointed I couldn’t show off my studa bubba dress at breakfast the next day because I left it in my van in the garage and low and behold the garage door broke.   Oh what those guests missed!


I am so fortunate to have a B&B and live on Main Street in Historical Ligonier.

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Business has been extremely good at Campbell House through out the week into the week end… leaving me little time for myself so I really appreciate precious moments spent on my front porch.   After a long day of cooking, serving, cleaning,  administrative work, preparations for the next day, and checking in guests-I poured a glass of chardonnay then headed for a rocker on the porch.   I sipped and reflected…the time passing so quickly, the beauty of my flowers, how much the two year old Redbud tree has grown and how wonderful it is to relax on my porch, watch the many walkers-some with dogs, some with children, friends, or with a loved one…   As I said hello to a woman who walks daily (she a cancer survivor) I felt guilty about the fact that all these people are walking and here I am sitting on the porch with my feet up…I felt lazy.  Actually, I am hardly a lazy person except for walking which I just don’t enjoy…the reason may be from all those years of walking in hair salons, airports and malls.   I know walking would be good for my health and welfare…but frankly I hardly have time to enjoy a glass of wine, a favorite book or Suduko. 

I closed my eyes for a few minutes just to think or maybe dream…when I opened them I saw two visitors to Ligonier who exclaimed how they were enjoying Ligonier, both wished they could stay longer…as they said good-bye I heard the woman say, she wished she could be sitting on the porch watching the world go by.   I then realized how fortunate I am to live and work here in Ligonier, a place where visitors come from far and near to enjoy the quality of life which I have on a daily basis.

trips & getaways Mid-Atlantic Travel Destinations features Ligonier & Campbell House in Spring Edition

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Enjoy country pleasures in Historic Ligonier

Spring has arrived even though Old Man Winter tries to hang on as I celebrate 16 years in Ligonier.

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Spring is slowly arriving in Ligonier…   In anticipation of pleasant weather the porch furniture (sans pillows) is now on both porches, an awning is now above the Dolcetto Suite entrance, dead branches, leaves, and flowers have been removed and the front of the B&B has been power sprayed.   The bannister is adorned with wandering jew with the addition of several strings of lights.   The parlour features some new wall hangings-less Campbell and retail items, making the room more appealing.    While business was good for the first three months, there was time to repair, replace, redecorate the B&B, plus update the motel some.   For once I am ahead of the game plan, as my taxes are being prepared, my garage is organized and clean, and spring B&B cleaning is almost complete.

I am ready for guests from far and near!    I am so pleased with the popularity of my Elopement Package…what better a place to get married than Ligonier…so easy, too.   All the bride and groom need is a marriage license and I take care of the rest… No fuss or muss for the wedding couple.   I really enjoy providing this service which includes the ceremony, a toast, wedding cake, flowers for both the bride and groom, dinner dollars at Ivy’s, and a wedding album.   It is such a pleasure to take the photo of their first breakfast as Mr. & Mrs.  It is a special time which I try to make a great memory.

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