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About Campbell House Bed & Breakfast

Campbell House Rooms

Campbell House B&B formerly The Ligonier Quilt Shop and Residence along with the Village Motel was purchased by Patti Campbell on Good Friday in 1993. Patti worked full time as a Divisional Vice President for an International Beauty Salon Chain traveled around the country at the same time she renovated the main house for B&B guests and a small gift parlour.

It was an exciting day for Patti, contractors, friends and helpers who awaited the arrival of the first guests who arrived on a sunny June day. Everyone was waiting to see the reaction of the guests when they were taken to the Main Stay guest room… “Wait! There is no mirror over the bathroom sink and the guests are due in the next 20 minutes.” Patti ran out of the house to Frye’s Antique shop saw a perfect mirror! As she lifted it off the wall she said to Mrs. Frye, “I am Patti Campbell owner of Campbell House B&B on East Main Street…I have my first quests arriving in a few minutes and no mirror in the bathroom. If I leave you my drivers license will you allow me to take this mirror to see if it fits between the lights?” Mrs. Frye said, “I know who you are! I don’t need your drivers license! I know where to find you…just go to see if the mirror works for you and pay me after you get your guests checked in.” Well the mirror was a perfect fit and was in place for the guests arrival. First of many last minute disasters that was averted.

A two story addition along with a third floor bathroom was built in 1995. The bathroom was added to the Floral Boarder guest room by taking out a window-making a doorway into the bath. The 25×25 Campbell Suite was originally built for Patti’s residence but soon became a most requested guest suite. A three room suite on the lower level was used as a full time rental until October 2005 when the conversion began to The Dolcetto King Suite.

For several years there were three B&B guest rooms, followed by the Campbell Suite…now there were four.

Patti received an unusual gift for Christmas 2004…A bathroom! The gift bathroom was built by two hard working friends who toiled long and hard to in order to meet an April 2005 deadline. In April of 2005 the Campbell Salon with either two twin beds or a king opened with a beautiful custom built bathroom…it was finished at 4PM and the guests arrived an hour later. Another disaster averted! Now there were five followed by the sixth guest room with November 2005 Dolcetto Suite opening. Now there are six! Four guest rooms and two suites all with private baths…Campbell House is maxed out!

Time has passed quickly, Patti no longer has a traveling job, Campbell House B&B has under gone many changes, welcomed many guests from far and near…so many people have enjoyed the B&B experience…so many memories and more to come.

Campbell House has always been a work in progress with 2010 being the year of curb appeal.  All of the house trim has been painted a wine glass color, the porch floors show off a new coat of paint.  The entrance door has been replaced with a beautiful oak door featuring a stained glass oval.  The sidewalks have been replaced offering safety along with a great look.   The landscaping along the front porch enhances the curb appeal.

So many people stop for a photo opt or to sit on the porch and enjoy life in Ligonier at its best.