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It’s 2009! The New Year Baby brings Winter Weather & Hopes for the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl!

Filed under: News — condensedkid at 7:24 pm on Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here it is a new year one of changes and challenges…  Here in Ligonier we are experiencing an Arctic Blast while anticipating the Steelers playing the Ravens in the conference game…practicing that famous chant, “Here We Go Steelers”  while contemplating a win at the Super Bowl game in warm Florida.

Sadly, I missed the Steelers win over San Diego!   Oh, I was in Pittsburgh during the game, grumbling about my poor planning.  Long before I knew the Steelers would be in the playoffs, I ordered tickets for “The Jersey Boys” performance…I had the choice of either the 1 PM or 6:30 PM performance, so I choose the later performance.   Why, you wonder would I choose to take a chance on driving at night in possible bad weather over an afternoon performance. (I could have watched the game)  I made a business decision…Yep, that’s what I did!   Since check-out is 11:30, I didn’t want to take a chance of being late for the performance.  I am an avid Steeler fan, so you can not imagine the feeling of loss and disappointment I had while walking among those lucky enough to attend the game…but “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Such Steeler ferver there was…wait, here I am walking while freezing…”Walk Like A Man” it’s to cold to sit in Heinz Field…but a nice, cozy restaurant/bar would work for me.  I walked in to McCormicks & Schmicks, like a  windblown “Ragdoll” ordered a glass of chardonnay while watching the Eagles game and waited for my friends to arrive for dinner.   I am not an Eagles fan, even if Donovan McNab who thinks he is a “Big Man In Town” promotes Campbell Soup (which is supposed to increase business and my stocks) so I cheered for the Giants, after all I was a former New York employee.

Dinner was delicious, I highly recommend McCormicks & Schmicks to you.  I finished off my dinner with a Italian Coffee to warm me before the short walk to the Benedum.  What!  San Diego is winning already and I am “Walking My Way Back To You” to enjoy The Jersey Boys!  Hey Steelers, “Let’s Hang On” and win this game. Don’t let those Chargers “Stay”.
“Oh What A Night!” The life and story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons!   There were 22 songs from the 60’s, bringing back memories from days so long ago when “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”  The time flew by, soon it was intermission, time to get the football results.  Many audience members gave a blow by blow of the last 2 minutes of the game…with the announcement of the final score…all you heard for minutes was, “Here We Go Steelers!”   Can you imagine what the cast was thinking while listening to the audience chanting.

Well it was “Bye, Bye, Baby” to the Chargers, who would spend the “Dawn” in San Diego contemplating their loss to the Steelers.

Hey Steelers, “My Eyes Adore You” and I will “Stay” in front of the television for the Conference game.  “Who Loves You”  The Steeler Nation

A Steeler win certainly led the fan filled theater to enjoy the second half of The Jersey Boys…

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