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May…A Time For Spring Cleaning, Painting, & Lawn & Gardening…& welcoming new & repeat guests.

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May, A Time for a Fresh Start! A perfect Campbell House B&B 15th Anniversary Gift…I gave to myself-was the installation of a new floor in my office/kitchen. Gone is the old, ugly carpet which I have lived unhappily with since I purchased the property. I think the previous owners put the carpet in some 30 odd years ago… The carpet was depressing as well as difficult to keep clean…Now I dance around the kitchen with my swiffer…Cleaning and sanitizing is so easy. Now, I can leave the swinging doors open and not be ashamed of the floor. The room is brighter, cheerier and much more organized. Gone from the island are the Campbell Kids…the island has been wall-papered, painted and lime washed. My long time friend Cheryl, came to visit then turned the kitchen/office into a decorating delight. She papered, painted, lime washed, and sponged walls and window sills. She cleaned, scrubbed and gave me orders as to what I was allowed to do…which was to organize my office area and computer center. I did as I was told. Now there is more room to work, a much more organized and pleasing place to work while taking reservations, checking in guests or cooking.
All of the wicker and metal furniture has been painted, the exterior of the B&B has been power washed, the porches have been painted and the flower beds have been weeded in preparation for flower planting. Cheryl brought in help from Indiana, PA to help…once again I was told to “not touch a thing”, “stay out of the way”, “go fold towels or something”. What I can’t understand is how I am to stay out of the way but I am still working long hours and still can’t get caught up on my administrative work. Come to think of it, trying to keep up with two buildings which include a motel with 2 car garage (that is next to clean) a B&B with lots of rooms, two porches…administrative work, then being an active member on the Ligonier Borough Planning Committee, participating in politics and having a few hours for socializing keeps one very busy. I am fazing out my eBay store by the 24th of May…I will place items on auction from time to time…but no more store… I just don’t have time.

May is a time to refresh, a time of blooming…a great time to visit Ligonier and Campbell House B&B. New & repeat guests are invited to enjoy life from either of the two porches…may enjoy breakfast in the fresh air while refreshing their mind and bodies. It is a wonderful time to visit…

Don’t be surprised if you see the Innkeeper sitting on the front porch…that is if Cheryl allows me to touch things!

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