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Today Is Not Only Good Friday…14 Years Ago I purchased the Village Motel & Main House!

Filed under: News — padecak at 5:03 pm on Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday 1993…14 Years Ago I became the owner of the “big” house on Main Street and the Village Motel. Unlike today there was no snow, no cold weather, actually it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The first thing I did after the bank closing was to hang a strawberry banner on the front porch, take down the ugly dentist like lights next to the front door, open the windows to let out 28 years of stale cigarette smoke…then I went out to celebrate.

Was I crazy or what? I owned a new home on two acres, worked full time (traveled constantly) and I buy a big house (a virtual pigsty) along with the motel which had three full time tenants. Ok, I wasn’t celebrating on Saturday! What did I know about a motel with tenants! Nothing! I went for fresh towels, sheets and toilet paper only to find the previous owners had taken almost everything (these items were supposed to go with the sale) The three male renters were use to the owner coming in to empty the trash, vac, and above all make sure no one stole the televisions. After this rude awakening, I sat on the laundry room floor and cried.

The tears were just many shed during many weeks of initial cleaning of the pigsty. Imagine the trash company coming 5 days a week for several weeks…and all that outgoing trash didn’t even touch the surface. Imagine all this filth for me, who never wore shoes or sat on the “good” furniture while growing up. This was not the type of adventure I expected. Day after day I found one unpleasant surprise after another with the carpet on the drafting room (once a parlour and now the breakfast parlour) being the biggest. Imagine lifting the carpet only to have it fall apart in fibers! This carpet which hadn’t been cleaned in years was nothing more than dust…there was so many fibers that clogged and broke my commercial shop-vac. If I didn’t have allergies then it would only have been a matter of time. Thankfully those days are gone…no more pigsty, thankfully. Yep, I remember those early days just 14 years ago. I wonder if I would have known how bad the place was prior to the purchase if I would have gone through with the deal. There was so much furniture covering all the surprises and I wasn’t given a walk through which accounted for more surprises than I bargained for. I learned a lesson and recommend…make sure you have a walk through after the furniture and personal items are gone…

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