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Always Striving to be the Best Little B&B in Ligonier

I am so fortunate to have a B&B and live on Main Street in Historical Ligonier.

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Business has been extremely good at Campbell House through out the week into the week end… leaving me little time for myself so I really appreciate precious moments spent on my front porch.   After a long day of cooking, serving, cleaning,  administrative work, preparations for the next day, and checking in guests-I poured a glass of chardonnay then headed for a rocker on the porch.   I sipped and reflected…the time passing so quickly, the beauty of my flowers, how much the two year old Redbud tree has grown and how wonderful it is to relax on my porch, watch the many walkers-some with dogs, some with children, friends, or with a loved one…   As I said hello to a woman who walks daily (she a cancer survivor) I felt guilty about the fact that all these people are walking and here I am sitting on the porch with my feet up…I felt lazy.  Actually, I am hardly a lazy person except for walking which I just don’t enjoy…the reason may be from all those years of walking in hair salons, airports and malls.   I know walking would be good for my health and welfare…but frankly I hardly have time to enjoy a glass of wine, a favorite book or Suduko. 

I closed my eyes for a few minutes just to think or maybe dream…when I opened them I saw two visitors to Ligonier who exclaimed how they were enjoying Ligonier, both wished they could stay longer…as they said good-bye I heard the woman say, she wished she could be sitting on the porch watching the world go by.   I then realized how fortunate I am to live and work here in Ligonier, a place where visitors come from far and near to enjoy the quality of life which I have on a daily basis.