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It’s January 2008, Ice Fest Weekend…15 Years Ago I was Negotiating the Purchase of the Village Motel!

Filed under: News — padecak at 12:58 pm on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fifteen years ago I negotiated a deal to purchase the house and motel at 305 East Main Street in Ligonier. The 1993 Ice Fest featured 40 to 50 ice sculptures around the Diamond as well as one of the coldest January week-ends. My feet and fingers were so cold as I viewed the various ice carvings around town, naturally, I strolled east on Main Street to see the property which I hoped would be mine. I was not able to enter the house that cold, wintry day-so I walked back to the center of town to find a place of warmth along with a hot beverage…this was not an easy feat back then. The only place I knew who would take pity on me was Loyalhanna Realty who I was going through for the house purchase. I was welcomed into the office, served hot, black coffee and I do mean black. I want you to know I was grateful of the warmth of the building, a welcoming…but that black coffee was so strong it almost made my hair stand up. Real Estate Offices and Car Dealerships must make coffee in the morning then let it sit so it almost becomes tobacco juice. YUK! Ok, it was hot, so I guess I can’t complain.

I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW I PURCHASED AN ICE SCULPTURE FOR THE 1994 ICE FEST… I WAS AWAY ON A BUSINESS TRIP WHEN MY SCULPTURE WAS CARVED ON FRIDAY…I ARRIVED IN LIGONIER AT NOON ON SATURDAY WENT DIRECTLY TO FIND MY $200. INVESTMENT AND WHAT DO MY WONDERING EYES SEE? A cement block, a large puddle and a sign Sponsored by Campbell House B&B. Yes, the sun was shinning, the temperature was in the 80’s and I saw my money going down the sidewalk.

So this week-end of January 26th & 27th the 17th Annual Ligonier Ice Fest will be underway with the weather promising to be just as cold and blustery as January of 1993. I am happy to say I will be warm in Campbell House, hosting guests and a good-bye party for my friend Sten, who is returning to his homeland of Sweden after living in Ligonier for the last five years.

Where did 15 years go and how in the world did I survive it? I don’t have the answers, but I am still here and happy to say I have just finished a banner business year of 2007.